Mission of Our Department

    Our goal is to be preferred by the students who have successfully completed high-school because of the quality of education at the undergraduate level in our department. In the Department of Industrial Engineering it is our mission to prepare students;

    • Develop the concepts of the system approach, the creative-critical thinking, teamwork and leadership,
    • Spread the awareness of ethical, social and environmental issues,
    • Equipped with contemporary knowledge in a competitive national and international level,
    • Successfully fulfill the tasks and to be preferred in relevant business areas,
    • Serve to his country and humanity as Industrial Engineers.

    In addition, with the graduate level education conducted with national and internationally recognized studies and publications;
    • Bring up highly educated industrial engineers and academic staff,
    • Contribute to industrial engineering science and technology,
    • Pass on the information and knowledge to the service of country and humanity,

    Vision of Our Department

    • Provide contemporary and international quality education;
    • Effectively train engineers of the future;
    • Create synergy within itself;
    • Aimed to develop scientific knowledge and technology, serve this information to the country and humanity;
    • To be innovative, productive, in peace with itself and contemporary;
    • To build up an effective communication and cooperation;
    • Be a department that provides the satisfaction of academic staff and students.